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For Home & Business Glass & Film Facts Window Tinting Benefits


Residential Window Tinting for Heat Reduction Inside Homes & Offices

  • Window tinting companies in Johannesburg all have the same goal in mind, and that is to cool down interior work and living spaces, whether it be window tinting for houses or window tinting for business, Solar window films reduce excessive heat, glare, UV damage to furniture and flooring and also to curb high energy costs due to air conditioner usage.


  • Solar window film reduces energy loss by up to 40% and in turn can reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 30%. During the hot Summer months temperatures can be reduced by up to 15 degrees, so if you need to increase your comfort  levels inside your home or office then a solar window film is the right choice for you, plus you'll also benefit in Winter from the insulation properties of the window film.


  • Window Tint Film vs Alternatives

    Compared to other lower cost investments that reduce UV exposure such as curtains, blinds and awnings, our window tinting for houses don't create an unwanted dark environment, or block your view of the outside world like a full/solid cover privacy Window Frosting film would. Our solar window films are available in a variety of shades and reflectivity, allowing occupants of a home or office to enjoy natural light without the unwanted UV, heat and glare on TV screens and PC monitors.


  • The advantages of residential window tinting are endless. Whether you want your tinted house windows to maintain a more comfortable home on the inside or to boost the exterior appearance of a building, you will never go wrong with state-of-the-art residential window tinting. Your home offers you protection from the outdoor elements and your windows serve as your view to the outdoors, but left untreated, they are also responsible for harmful UV rays and excessive heat and glare that enter through the glass.

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Solar Window Tinting Film vs Frosted Window Film

If you are looking to keep the heat out of your Johannesburg home or office then a solar window film application is the answer. Heat reflective window film reduces the amount of Solar Energy entering a room by absorbing between 28% & 47% of the heat depending on the solar window film type, and this is why the heat inside a room is greatly reduced, especially in the hot summer months. Residential sun reflective window films block up to 99% of the Sun’s UV rays while reducing energy costs at the same time by means of reducing air conditioner running times. Residential window tinting films don't only absorb percentages of heat build-up but they also reflect away certain percentages of the heat as well, assisting in reducing temperatures inside your home or office.


With solar window film applications there are also some privacy options but they are limited: The standard black & grey heat reflecting film offers partial privacy during the day but one can still see in depending on the amount of light outside and the intensity of the UV reflective window film. Reflective window tinting film offers day time privacy but none at night, especially with the lights on inside, so at night time blinds or curtains would still need to be drawn for total privacy. Being a reflective product, these solar window films outperform all other solar films when it comes to heat rejection to deliver fast payback and long-term energy savings. One way window films for privacy (Mirror Tint) are light dependent & are intended for use on windows which are exposed to outside light so when using these window films indoors there needs to be enough light created inside (interrogation rooms) to achieve the privacy needed on the correct side of the film.

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